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This is a degree programme validated by the University of Glasgow.

The BTh is designed to provide vocational training for those preparing for the pastoral ministry and other forms of full-time Christian service. It also provides a good foundation for post-graduate theological study and a career in theological education.

If you would like a stimulating, challenging, comprehensive, in-depth education in Biblical Studies, Christian Theology and related disciplines, we can offer you a well-designed curriculum, excellent facilities and first-class tuition. As you progress through your studies, you will rub shoulders with a student body which is remarkably cosmopolitan in composition, making lifelong friendships that will span the globe.

Alongside the BTh, it is possible to undertake additional church ministry training should you wish. The Presbyterian Church Ministry Module is offered to meet contemporary needs within a Presbyterian tradition. We also offer an Independent Church Ministry Module to meet the needs of those who belong to an independent tradition. This module, delivered in association with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, makes this core course of theological education ideal for other denominations (e.g. Baptist, Pentecostal, Brethren).


Fuller detail may be found in the Bachelor of Theology Course Contents


AndyRobertsonCheck out this video, where ETS Principal Iver Martin and BTh graduate Andy Roberston explain to prospective students what the Bachelor of Theology programme involves.





Interested in the Bachelor of Theology with Greek and Hebrew?



Check out this video where Thomas Davis, a recent graduate at ETS, encourages the study of the Biblical languages.





Distance Learning

This programme may also be taken with a Distance Learning options.

For more information, see Bachelor of Theology with Distance Learning.

See Distance Learning FAQ for more information on Distance Learning at ETS.


Undergraduate Admissions Policy

The Undergraduate Admissions Policy can be found here.


Bachelor of Theology Application Form

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Bachelor of Theology Course Fees

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