Sabbatical Studies in Theology and Mission

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Programme Description

The pressures of pastoral ministry rarely permit the busy pastor time to think through subjects that you have an ongoing interest in or issues that have come up in the course of your ministry in the 21st century. 

This programme - offered through the ETS Mission Centre - makes provision for Sabbaticals, shorter or longer periods of time that you can get away and do some serious thinking and research. 

These short research periods can extend from a week to three months or more, with or without supervision.   

Such sabbaticals can be of real help for pastors or others who are rethinking through ethical, biblical, theological, historical, ecclesiastical or missiological issues which will impact their congregational life and mission in the 21st century.

See right for some examples of sabbatical research that will help you to choose your area for short-term research.


ssimageCheck out this video, where ETS Vice Principal John A. MacLeod and Sabbatical Studies student, Irene Bayne, explain to prospective students what the Sabbatical Studies Programme offers.




Distance Learning

This programme can be done by Distance Learning.

We can offer supervised research in an area of interest by distance learning while remaining in your present position, making trips to ETS when required.

See Distance Learning FAQ for more information on Distance Learning at ETS.


Sabbatical Studies Application Form

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