Visit the Seminary

Planning a trip to the beautiful city of Edinburgh? Why not come and visit ETS? We often welcome visitors to the Seminary and we would be happy to give you a personal tour of the building and its historic rooms.

For prospective students, this would be an ideal opportunity to meet the staff and students and sit in on lectures – we would love to meet you.
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VIDEO: Neil Longwe

What are the benefits of studying on-campus at ETS?

“Being on-campus is fantastic because you get the fellowship and the collegiate atmosphere of being with your fellow students… You can’t beat being on-site, in the class. I have really felt God speaking to me through the material that we’re being taught. Sometimes when you’re just looking at a screen it feels far too detached, so to be back in the building is an absolute privilege and a joy.” – Neil Longwe, BTh Student


Individual Study Programme

The Individual Study Programme is a superb opportunity to tailor a personalised course of study to meet your needs and availability.

  • Full-time, part-time or distance learning options
  • Study of biblical, theological, practical and missional issues
  • Flexibility – study modules from any department
  • Gain credits towards a University of Glasgow degree
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Local Church Training

One great feature of the BTh degree programme is the range of flexible study options which allow students to balance theological training alongside work with churches or mission agencies.

“I cannot commend highly enough studying the BTh at ETS while training in a local church. Reverent theology which raises the affections to Christ is immediately lived out in serving Christ’s church. The combination of lecturers who are for you, a church which is investing in you and fellow students who encourage one another is a precious thing.”
– Craig Anderson – BTh Graduate and Church Planter

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MTh via Distance Learning

ETS offers a range of postgraduate MTh programmes, all of which can be taken from anywhere in the world via distance learning technology.

  • The MTh (Taught) in Scottish Church History and Theology is a supervised programme in which the student can explore a range of distinctly historical and theological topics from the Scottish Reformation to the 20th century. 
  • The MTh (Taught) in Missiology explores Mission from a theological, historical and practical perspective.
  • MTh Research: opportunity to pursue academic research interests at postgraduate level in any relevant given area: Systematic Theology, Church History, Practical Theology or Biblical Studies (Old or New Testament).

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Library & Study Resources

Students at ETS enjoy access to an excellent range of technology and library facilities.

The Seminary contains no less than ten different libraries, each with their own focus ranging from the theological to the historical, the practical to the missional, the exegetical to the specialised. Our students are also immensely privileged to have access to what is considered to be one of the best libraries in the UK – New College Library at the University of Edinburgh.  Since 1904, our students have been permitted free access to their highly regarded resources.

The Seminary also houses a number of study spaces, large and small, to ensure that students are able to read, study, research and share their learning in a comfortable, studious atmosphere. 

Opportunity to Learn Greek and Hebrew

Our BTh course provides students with the opportunity to learn Greek and Hebrew. A solid grounding in one or both of the biblical languages enables students to read biblical texts in their original language, developing a deep and nuanced understanding of the Bible. We teach complete beginners – no previous knowledge of either language is necessary.

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VIDEO: Benefits of Collegiate Study

“I studied here 25 years ago and many of the people I studied with are still my best friends… friendships are forged, the students get to know each other, they pray with one another, they pray for one another, they encourage one another…”

“This is a place where you get to meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds, a wide variety of cultures and nations and where we are studying together with a view that we are serving together.”

In-Person Study – 1

While there are many theological courses that can be taken online, Edinburgh Theological Seminary is a wonderful campus on which to study in-person. Our tall building, with its beautiful historic rooms, enchantingly captures the very essence of Old Edinburgh. 

Whilst we exist principally as an academic and vocational training ground teaching our students robust theology suitable for modern-day evangelism, our small community also offers a unique and enriching student experience.

Partnership with Glasgow University

It is one of our great privileges to have an academic relationship with the University of Glasgow.

Since 2001, they have officially approved of ETS (then The Free Church College) as an institution of theological training. Over the years the University of Glasgow have examined and endorsed the programmes which we have designed and developed, recognising the value of a Scottish reformed theological heritage which shapes all of our degree programmes. The Bachelor of Theology was validated in 2002, then the Master of Theology (by Research) in 2005, the Master of Theology in Scottish Church History and Theology (by Taught Courses) in 2009. Most recently validated was the Master of Theology in Missiology (by Taught Courses).

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“The Individual Study Programme is a personally created narrative to take you on a journey of discovery in God’s word.  No matter age, geographical location, working or retired, minister or any other role in the church, there is a module which will suit you. Being able to choose any course means you are at liberty to take a module for love of the subject or because you can fit it to a specific role in your church family. Going deeper into God’s word means growing more like Christ.”

Ruth Aird – ISP Student

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General MTh Post

The MTh Research programme provides an ideal opportunity for pastors, elders and others to engage in supervised research at postgraduate level. Students may wish to specialise in areas of systematic theology, biblical studies, church history, practical or pastoral theology, and missiological studies.

  • Validated by the University of Glasgow
  • One year full-time or two years part-time, on or off-campus.
  • Access to an outstanding range of libraries and resources at ETS, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow

QUOTE: MTh Research – Israel Guererro

“Theology is essential for the Christian life. Therefore, the richness of studying, developing and applying theology should be a continuous honour and duty for those called to serve in the church. In this line, Christians must go deeper in different fields of theology to glorify God in the challenges of today. The MTh offered at ETS provides academic rigour in an atmosphere of piety and pastoral service in the heart of Edinburgh. Studying at ETS is an opportunity to learn and research the rich Reformed heritage that must be applied in our hearts, churches and society in the present day.”

Israel Guerrero (MTh Graduate)

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Library & Resources Quote – Dr Sinclair Ferguson

“The facilities at ETS are outstanding, both in terms of the Seminary’s geographical location and its proximity to the great theological library in New College. I would also encourage people to study here because of the Seminary’s combination of academic commitment and, at the same time, deep involvement in the life of the Church.”

Dr Sinclair Ferguson

VIDEO: MTh Research – Sinclair Ferguson

In this video, Dr Sinclair Ferguson and MTh student Andy Longwe explain to prospective students what the Master of Theology (Research) programme involves.

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VIDEO: Iain Morrison

Our historic building is situated in the very heart of Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In this video, ETS student Iain Morrison speaks about the perks of studying in central Edinburgh.

MTH Research Quote – Andy Longwe

“The Research Masters programme at Edinburgh Theological Seminary is a wonderful opportunity to do rigorous theological research in a unique and unparalleled environment – with literally thousands of books, journals and literature at your disposal and under lecturers whose sole aim is to help you love, glorify and revere God more.

The MTh at ETS shapes heart, mind, body and soul. Most importantly, it gives one the ability to further deepen their study of God’s word and God’s work in history for the sake of serving the church. I highly recommend it, especially, if you want to be further equipped for gospel ministry in the local church.”
– Rev Andy Longwe – Pastor, London City Free Church

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MTH Research Quote – Kevin Hale

“Ministry can be busy, so it may not make sense why I, as a solo pastor, would think diving into a research degree with ETS is a good idea. Nonetheless, I do think it is a good idea for two key reasons. First, studying with ETS was spiritually enriching for me personally. The Spirit constantly comforted me and encouraged me as I dove deeply into the Word. Second, learning to research well made me a better pastor by making me a more efficient student, leaving me more time for people. Ministry can be busy, but in my studies I was encouraged and strengthened for the ministry to which the Lord has called me.”

Kevin Hale – Pastor of Christ Church, Conway, Arkansas

QUOTE – Individual Study Programme

“The Individual Study Programme at ETS is a flexible and accessible way to study, as it enables students to select individual courses which are of interest to their specific situations. This modular approach also makes it easier to fit learning alongside other commitments and enables students to take a year-by-year decision about their studies. I have very much enjoyed being a student on the Individual Study Programme and have valued the interaction with the lecturers and other students as I learn.”

Caroline Dickson – ISP Student

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Highlighting Accessibility / Equality of Opportunity

“I’d love to study theology, but am I eligible?”

Are you considering studying theology, but have concerns about a lack of qualifications, your age, a disability, your lack of availability, or finances?

One of our goals at ETS is to ensure equality of opportunity to access higher education at degree level to groups of people who rarely form part of the degree graduation statistics of institutes of higher education.  In particular, the following groups are in mind:

  • Life-long learners
  • Those lacking initial academic qualifications
  • Those who are facing disability challenges
  • Those who have to balance family or work commitments and part-time study
  • Those who are financially unable to sustain full-time study

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QUOTE – Access to Theology

The ETS Access Course one year, online, part-time course which provides an accessible and wide-ranging introduction to the essential foundations of a theological education.

“In this course, students get an introduction to the five academic departments at ETS. They get an overview of the big picture of the Bible and an introduction to key themes in theology, history and how we live out our faith day by day.

Students are from a wide variety of church backgrounds; they hail from many different parts of the U.K. and countries of the world; and they have a shared desire to learn more about God with a view to serving in his world and in his church. If this sounds interesting, please join us on Tuesday evenings!”
Dr Bob Akroyd – Course Organiser

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Encouraging Applications

We are delighted by the number of students who have signed up to begin the Bachelor of Theology degree with us in September 2021! (can alter/adapt this statement)

If you are considering sending in an application, be sure to do so soon as the new academic session is only a few months away.

As with many of our courses, we offer full-time, part-time and distance learning options meaning that you can gain the skills and knowledge for Christian service at a pace and place that suits you best.

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In-Person Study

ETS is a wonderful place to consider for preparation for ministry and mission.  We offer excellent theological education through both on-campus study, distance learning and online courses. 

However, ETS offers more than theological education at an intellectual level; it provides students with the opportunity to gather on campus as part of a supportive, vibrant learning community. The Seminary is situated in the very heart of Edinburgh city and for generations, students have come to the ‘Mound’ to prepare for Christian service on campus. 

When students and staff meet in-person, the learning experience is inevitably enriched.  The opportunity to question and answer, to discuss and debate is hugely enhanced.

Moreover, when students meet regularly on campus together, they have brilliant opportunity to learn from their peers and build up ministry friendships that can shape a lifetime of Christian service.

Therefore ETS continues, alongside its distance learning options, to offer an excellent on-campus experience where the students, staff and local churches can help to support and develop all who seek to serve in gospel ministry.


“Students became a close cohort, and remained good friends and gospel co-workers beyond”

“The BTh course was a wonderful time to develop and grow in my understanding of God’s word and ways. It covered so much helpful ground, and all the lecturers taught with a contagious love for the truth. In studying together, the students became a close cohort in the classroom, and have remained good friends and gospel co-workers beyond.”

Joe Hall – Minister, Bon Accord Free Church


A University Degree in Theology at ETS

The Bachelor of Theology degree at ETS offers a core academic programme suited for life-long Christian service. It is a stimulating, challenging, comprehensive, in-depth education in Biblical Studies, Christian Theology and related disciplines, taught from a thoroughly biblical perspective.
ETS offers a well-designed curriculum, excellent facilities and first-class tuition:

  • Full-time, part-time and distance learning options
  • Validated by University of Glasgow
  • Opportunity to learn Greek and Hebrew
  • Central location and excellent facilities
  • Careful balance of academic and practical

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“Studying at ETS was a real blessing and privilege”

“Studying at ETS was a real blessing and privilege. It gave me dedicated time to study God’s word in more depth. Subjects like Systematics and Church History have enabled me to tackle topics I would not have readily encountered without doing the degree. The lecturers were always extremely diligent in their care for the students. It was obvious they were passionate about their subjects and worked hard to pass on that enthusiasm. Doing this degree has impacted my ministry for the better.”

Rachel Sloan – Women’s Ministry Coordinator, FIEC