20th Year of Saturday Course Resumes Online

The 20th year of the Saturday Courses resumed online today, with lectures by Will Traub, John Angus Macleod and Nick Mackison.

Whilst students and staff were unable to be meeting face to face due to social distancing measures, the online interactivity has worked very well and feedback from those taking part has been overwhelmingly positive. Once again, we are delighted to see students from all over the world signing up for the courses.

Students and lecturers enjoyed a live Q&A session using Pigeonhole which allows students to send their questions by text for the lecturers to answer. There were some great questions and comments.

John Angus Macleod, Course Organiser for the Saturday Courses, said “In some ways, this interactivity is what we feared might be lost without meeting as usual in a bustling Chalmers’ Hall in ETS, or in the other gathered groups in Scotland. However, this facility allowed us to have something close to this experience and really made the day very enriching, learning from both the lecturers and students. We are so grateful for the prayers of all who committed this 2020-2021 course to the Lord and for the students and lecturers who make the Saturday Course such an invaluable experience in Christian discipleship. We look forward to many more joining the course in the weeks to come.

You can still register for the course until the end of 2020 and catch up on the lectures online.

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