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sat course 03 Registration is now open for our Saturday courses. Read below to find out more about the exciting range of lectures we have on offer in 2019/2020.

These courses take place one Saturday a month (10.00am to 3.15pm), from September through to April. 


Who are the courses for?

At ETS, we believe that theology should be accessible. Our popular part-time Saturday courses are designed specifically for the ordinary church member, male and female - anyone who has a longing to explore the Gospel further. No prior qualifications are necessary for taking these courses. With a variety of interesting lecture topics being delivered one day every month, the 'Saturday Courses' are an excellent way of gaining more than would normally be offered in church on Sunday whilst being less demanding than a full-time theological course.


What is the Saturday Course like?


These courses are also designed for elders, deacons, youth workers, Sunday School teachers and other office bearers to encourage them to learn how to approach theological, biblical, historical and pastoral issues and thus to develop a greater study of the word of God.

With the ability to access lectures online, it is possible to complete the courses at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.


Explore the Bible and meet new people.

We welcome everyone who wants to take part, whether you're able to listen online, attend in Edinburgh or at one of our remote locations in Stornoway, Partick or Ayr. Attending the lectures in person is a fantastic way to meet lots of new people from other churches.


Lectures in 2019-2020

andy longwe1Practical Theology with Andy Longwe
His-Story of Revival in Scotland: from Patrick Hamilton to Duncan Campbell

Someone once wisely remarked ‘Study the Spirit’s work for the purpose of experiencing it.’ This course will give a broad historical survey of Scotland’s great revivals – from the days of the Scottish Reformation to the Lewis Revival in the 20th century. We will highlight the key people, key places, and key lessons of revivals over the last four centuries. God-willing, this course will enlarge our vision and expectations of God’s mighty deeds; and deepen our faith in God and the possibility of revival in our day.


ivermartin 1Christian Doctrine with Iver Martin
Worship and Theology in Practice

Worship is the one thing we all do on the same day, every week. But what is worship? How did people approach God in the Old and New Testament Church? And do we worship today in the same way as the Church in every age? In this series we will look first at the Biblical foundation for worship, in both the Old and New Testaments. We will ask what the essential elements are in Biblical worship. We will then ask how worship was practiced at various stages in the Church’s history and particularly how the Reformation meant the Church’s rediscovery of true Biblical worship. We will lastly examine the importance of worship today and ask how to make the most of our times of corporate praise, prayer, preaching and the sacraments.

john angus 1Biblical Studies with John Angus Macleod
What Christians need to know for today and tomorrow: Studies in the Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation: some people love it; others avoid it as much as they can. What about you? Is it your favourite book? Why did God give us this last book of the Bible? Is it full of secret codes? Is it meant to frighten Christians? What does it tell us about God and his plans, about history, and how the story will end? In these eight lectures, we will explore Revelation and examine the reasons why this last book in the Bible could indeed be regarded as the most encouraging of all.



There are two levels of award available in these courses:

Certificate in Theology 

This course is a 2-year part-time course in Biblical Studies, Practical Theology, Christian Discipleship and Christian Doctrine. To qualify for the Certificate in Theology, the student is required to submit six essays (normally up to three essays each year).

Find out more about the certificate here or register now.


Diploma in Christian Studies

This is a further 2-year course for those who have already gained their Certificate in Theology.  To qualify for the Diploma in Christian Studies, the student is required to complete the Certificate in Theology and to submit a further six essays (normally up to three essays each year).

Find out more about the diploma here or register now.


Where can I do these courses?

You can join us at one of these venues or complete the courses online.

  • Edinburgh Theological Seminary

  • Stornoway Free Church (by live video-conferencing)

  • Ayr Free Church

  • Partick Free Church

  • Knockbain Free Church



Register here - it only takes a few minutes.


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