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stcolumbasThe ETS Awards Ceremony took place on Friday 17 May, 2019 in St Columba's Free Church of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The ceremony acknowledged the tremendous commitment of our full-time and part-time students on a range of our courses:

Families and friends were present at the final gathering for the current academic year and well-earned awards were presented. A personal and moving valedictory address was giving by the outgoing SRC President, Robin Gray, followed by the customary reply by the newly appointed president, Donald Macleod.

Finally, using the Directory of Public Worship on the “Preaching of the Word” as his basis, Iver Martin’s address was a reminder that faithful gospel ministry would be painful, requiring the balanced combination of clarity, honesty, care and loving affection towards the people in our churches.

A huge thank you to everyone who organised and attended.

The ceremony has become one of the highlights in the ETS calendar where a good number of seminary friends join with staff and students to celebrate the students’ hard work, encourage the work of the Seminary and unite in thanksgiving. It is alwaysa great opportunity to meet the current and graduating students.


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