‘Joined-Up Evangelism: Responding to Our Culture’s Tough Questions in Story, Word and Deed’ – Lecture with Dr. Andy Bannister

We live in an age that’s increasingly sceptical and cynical about the Christian faith, with tough questions and objections often flung at Christians when we try to share the gospel.

Dr. Andy Bannister, Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity, delivered the ETS Mission Society Lecture on the topic ‘Joined-Up Evangelism: Responding to Our Culture’s Tough Questions in Story, Word and Deed’.

In his address, Andy explored the driving force behind the toughest questions in society today and how we can respond — not just at an intellectual level, but in a way that engages our friends’ hearts, minds and imaginations.

This lecture was hosted by the ETS Student Missions Society in partnership with Solas.

You can watch this lecture here: 

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