Individual Study Programme

This course is an ideal opportunity to tailor a personalised course of study to meet your needs. 

Students can take modules from any of the ETS departments: Old and New Testament, Systematic Theology, Church History, Apologetics and Practical Theology.

Theological education must be comprehensive, relevant and accessible to a wide spectrum of people ranging from prospective gospel workers to enquiring minds who simply wish to deepen their own understanding of core biblical, theological and practical issues.

Study can be part-time or full-time and the ISP can range in length from one semester to two years.


In keeping with the flexible nature of the Individual Study Programme, ISP courses can be taken at one of two levels:

  • Auditor: Students attend class but are not required to complete coursework or take end of semester examinations.
  • Degree Credit: Students complete coursework and take end of semester examinations and are assessed to the standard required by the Bachelor of Theology Programme.

Programme Duration

The ISP is very flexible.  It may be undertaken part-time or full-time, and often ranges from one semester to two years depending on the number of selected modules or courses.

Distance Learning

It is possible to complete the ISP via online distance learning. This option is ideal for students who are rooted in their own location and cannot move to Edinburgh.

No formal entrance qualifications are required for the Individual Study Programme.

Students intending to study at Degree Credit level, however, would normally require university entrance qualifications as detailed in the Bachelor of Theology section.

The Senate will take into account not only conventional academic qualifications, but vocational or professional experience, completion of appropriate access courses, or possession of the Seminary’s own Certificate in Theology or Diploma in Christian Studies, which are completed through the Saturday Courses.

Students who are taking the Individual Study Programme at Degree Credit level (i.e with formal assessments), and for whom English is not their first language, are required to sit a Secure English Language Test (SELT) and achieve an equivalent of IELTS 6.5 prior to entry onto the programme. 

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The course fee depends on the number of modules taken. See here for more details.

All students who complete their courses successfully will receive due certificates of recognition at the Seminary’s Annual Awards Ceremony.

Students assessed at Degree Credit level may, with the permission of the University of Glasgow, use these ISP modules toward the Bachelor of Theology degree awarded by the University of Glasgow to students at Edinburgh Theological Seminary.

We will be accepting applications from May 2024 for September 2024 entry.