Inaugural Lecture in Scottish Church History and Theology with Ian Hamilton

Within the beautiful Presbytery Hall at Edinburgh Theological Seminary, Rev Ian Hamilton, Cambridge Presbyterian Church, and one of our lecturers in Scottish Church History from 2016-17, delivered the inaugural lecture in Scottish Church History and Theology on ‘Samuel Rutherford: Man of Self-Confessed Extremes’.

While this annual lecture is designed to highlight the role of ETS in promoting the study of Scottish church history and theology at undergraduate level, it is also part of our promotion of the Postgraduate Taught Masters in Scottish Church History and Theology.

It was a real privilege to have Ian Hamilton deliver the lecture.  He will be joining the lecture team at ETS from 2016-2017 delivering the Church History 2 course (Scottish Church History and Theology). 

You can access the lecture below:

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10 August 2023
Everyone is warmly invited to attend the service on Monday 4th September at St Columba’s Free Church of Scotland. Dr Ben Castaneda, ETS lecturer in Greek and New Testament, will deliver this year’s opening address.