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Ways to support Edinburgh Theological Seminary

Scotland needs the Good News of Jesus more than ever – and we here at ETS feel that acutely. We seek to train people for Gospel Ministry, not just for Scotland but also the world. 

The work of ETS depends on the support of many people from around the world who recognise Scotland’s need and the Seminary’s role in equipping those Gospel workers to meet the challenges of an increasingly post-Christian society.

We welcome the support of people who are deeply passionate about training for ministry, not just people who can provide financial support but those who will take an interest in the seminary and pray for our staff and students. 

As a Friend of ETS, you can receive updates on a regular basis, get to know some of our students, and by doing so, help ETS grow and impact Scotland in new and transformative ways.

Here are some ways you can help:

Donate online

No college pays for itself. Although students pay fees, we have to remain financially accessible to students of all backgrounds, so our fees are not nearly enough to finance a not-for-profit educational facility such as ETS. 

Nonetheless we have seen a real thirst for theological education in recent years and to meet that we need to raise resources.

Pray for the work of Ets

You can access monthly prayer points here (coming soon). We encourage you to download these resources and share them with your congregations.

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