Mission Society Lecture with Donald Macleod on ‘The Free Offer of the Gospel’

Professor Donald Macleod was recently invited to take on the subject of ‘the tension between the free offer of the gospel and limited atonement in our evangelism and our evangelistic preaching’ by ministry students.

Innes MacSween, who helped organise the event, said: “This came about as a few of us students were having discussions on the phrase ‘Jesus died for you’, and whether you can use it either from the pulpit, or in conversation with someone.

“That interplay between Jesus’s limited atonement, and his death being effectual only for those chosen to be saved, and between the free offer of the gospel needing to go out to everyone, and that anyone might be part of the elect.

“The practical question of ‘what should we say in our evangelism’ from both the pulpit and the pew became something that interested a whole number of us.

“It’s under the Mission Society because we hope to learn about practical approaches and terminology in evangelistic work, but also because we believe that a healthy view of election and the free offer actually fuels a healthy view of mission!”

The second-year Free Church ministry candidate added: “We believe that Professor Donald Macleod is one of the foremost people in the world with a uniquely expert knowledge of preaching, history, and theology, and so we felt he was very well placed to share with us on this topic.”

You can watch the lecture here:

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