Access to Theology with Distance Learning

Is it possible to do the Access to Theology course with a distance learning option?

Yes.  It is offered over 48 hours from September to May on Tuesdays from 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm.  As we believe that it will be of great benefit to the wider church, students will be able to join the classes from their own desktops where travel to Edinburgh is not possible on a regular basis.


In what situation might it help to do the Access to Theology with a distance learning option?
  • It can form part of an introduction to theology for any Christian without having to travel to Edinburgh
  • It can become a component of training and mentoring of elders, deacons, church workers while remaining in their own localities
  • Those training for Christian Youth Work will find the theology and biblical sections hugely helpful - again, while remaining in their current positions


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