David Strain Delivers Lecture on Evanglistic Preaching at ETS

Rev David Strain, a former student at ETS (Free Church College), and senior minister of First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi, delivered several lectures to different groups at ETS.  He took a Collegiate Service on Wednesday 3 February at 1.30 and then addressed the students passionately on Evangelistic Preaching.

On Thursday 4 February, David took the Church History class, lecturing on McCheyne and ‘Recovering Pastoral Piety’.  Then, in the afternoon, he helped with the refreshing interactive class on Free Church Principles and what it means to become a member of a church. 

All this was hugely valued by the students.  David himself said that he thoroughly enjoyed being back at ‘the College’ and was enthusiastic about its ethos and vision as it seeks to meet the needs of the church in the 21st century.

You can access the lecture on Evangelistic Preaching here:

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