Distance Learning Information

We are pleased to be able to offer various Distance Learning options at ETS.

While we always recommend that people come to our courses in person where at all possible, there are certain students who are simply not able to do this due to their personal situation.  They may be studying part-time, under financial contraints or coping with illness or disability.

Coping with illness or disability?

The Bachelor of Theology, for example, may be completed part-time over six years.  This normally means being present in ETS for two days of the week, either Tuesday-Wednesday or Thursday- Friday.  While a number of students are able to do this because they live near at hand, it is somewhat harder for those students who are engaged in part-time study at a distance.  For such part-time students who are some distance away, the BTh with distance learning options is one alternative to consider. 

Financial constraints?

Students who are unable to move to the Central Belt for family or financial reasons may find distance learning options a huge help.

Studying part-time?

In the event of personal or family illness, or prolonged disability, the distance learning option opens a door to theological education which might otherwise remain closed.

Distance Learning Programmes

There are several programmes offered by ETS. Some of these are more suitable for distance learning than others.  The following are particularly suitable, and the fees are the same as for those attending these courses in person. 


The shoulder-rubbing experience is quite unique. Students eat together, laugh together, learn together, worship together, and look out for one another. It is also easier to access library resources. And friendships are often forged which will last for a life-time.

Where you are keeping up a job locally as well as doing part-time learning at a distance; or financial constraints make it impossible to contemplate moving to Edinburgh for some or all of the time; or, perhaps your disability or illness (or that of someone close to you) prevents you from doing the programme in person.

Yes. Indeed, we expect UK based students to attend if at all possible four days per semester in Edinburgh so as to continue to form bonds of fellowship and learning.

If at all possible, we expect you to sit them at ETS. In exceptional circumstances, we will be able to make other arrangements closer to your own home.

The tuition fees are exactly the same. You may also incur library loan postage costs. However, you will not have to bear the accommodation costs in Edinburgh.

No. You will need a laptop/PC with a camera and microphone. Other than that, you will simply access the lectures using an internet browser.

You need a reasonably fast internet connection to benefit from the online technology.

Yes. You will be able to access real-time video, audio and data (such as Powerpoint, etc). You will also be able to join in class discussions and question the lecturer as required.

This may be possible, dependent on the quality of the internet connection and its impact on your learning experience as student.  Being present at ETS in normal circumstances is much more preferable.