MacMillan Lecture in Evangelism 2019 with Roger Carswell

Giving the annual Macmillan lecture in the Chalmers Hall at ETS on Tuesday 29th January 2019 was Roger Carswell who has been a well-known evangelist in the UK for many decades. Drawing on his extensive and personal experience, Roger spoke about the three phases in Psalm 126: Past Joy, Present Sorrow and Future Hope.

He spoke about how we have a great Christian heritage in which God has done wonderful things but all that has turned into present secularism in which pressure to remain silent is overwhelming. The answer is two-fold: we weep with Jesus in looking out over an unbelieving world, and we sow seed, deploying both a personal and church strategy of talking wherever possible, seeking every opportunity to bring Jesus to our lost world.

Filled with characteristic zeal, humour and power, Roger’s timely address was a reminder both to keep in mind what the substance of the gospel is and keep it in sharp focus.

Roger has written eleven books including And Some Evangelists and Where Is God in a Messed Up World?, and publishes numerous gospel tracts and booklets. He is married to Dot, has four children and lives in Leeds. He is a member of the Association of Evangelists and has set up the website: Tell Me More.

This annual Lecture in Evangelism was inaugurated in 1994 in memory of the late Professor J. Douglas MacMillan.

Missed the lecture? Don’t worry – you can watch it online:


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