Bachelor of Theology





This is a degree programme validated by the University of Glasgow.

It is designed to provide vocational training for those preparing for the pastoral ministry and other forms of full-time Christian service (including teaching Religion in schools). It also provides a good foundation for post-graduate theological study and a career in theological education.

Fuller detail may be found in the Bachelor of Theology Course Contents


AndyRobertsonCheck out this video, where ETS Principal Iver Martin and BTh graduate Andy Roberston explain to prospective students what the Bachelor of Theology programme involves.





Interested in the Bachelor of Theology with Greek and Hebrew?



Check out this video where Thomas Davis, a recent graduate at ETS, encourages the study of the Biblical languages.





Distance Learning

This programme may also be taken with a Distance Learning options.

For more information, see Bachelor of Theology with Distance Learning.

See Distance Learning FAQ for more information on Distance Learning at ETS.


Typically, holders of the degree will be able to:

  • engage in competent exegesis and exposition of the Christian scriptures
  • demonstrate a professional knowledge of Christian belief and of the history of Christian thought
  • evaluate differing theological and religious positions
  • identify and analyse issues and problems in current biblical, theological and religious scholarship
  • articulate and defend personal theological beliefs
  • communicate the Christian faith effectively
  • provide basic pastoral care


Undergraduate Admissions Policy

The Undergraduate Admissions Policy can be found here.


Bachelor of Theology Application Form

The relevant Application Form is found here.


Bachelor of Theology Course Fees

For course fees see here.


For more information:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Edinburgh Theological Seminary, The Mound, Edinburgh, EH1 2LS


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Why do the BTh Programme at ETS?

Tom Muir, ETS Graduate (BTh)

Tom Muir, ETS Graduate (BTh)

"I loved studying the BTh at ETS because it gave me the big picture of the way God has been working; from creation, through fall and on to the history of His redemption in the pages of the Bible and throughout Christian history."
Andrew Longwe, ETS Graduate (BTh)

Andrew Longwe, ETS Graduate (BTh)

"It’s a real joy to study here. We study under some of the finest minds in Scotland and we learn in an environment where it is friendly, warm and informal."
Suraj Kasula, Church Planter, Nepal

Suraj Kasula, Church Planter, Nepal

"Coming from Nepal, my first impression was that the Reformed Theology is taught by excellent professors with pastoral experience. My application process was easy since ETS provided me with full assistance and I was warmly welcomed as an international student. I would definitely recommend this Seminary to everyone who is interested in studying Theology."
Murdo Campbell, ETS Graduate (BTh)

Murdo Campbell, ETS Graduate (BTh)

"My time at ETS has been a great privilege - to be under the minds of those who are willing to teach reformed theological doctrines and stick to them. It has also been very pastoral because the staff have pastoral experience of being in the ministry."
Thomas Davis, ETS Graduate (BTh)

Thomas Davis, ETS Graduate (BTh)

"The BTh course has been superb:  it is stimulating, challenging, exciting, fascinating and rewarding.  I cannot commend more highly! To be taught the truths of scripture in a warm, welcoming, stimulating environment with the fellowship and support of students and lecturers alike was an enormous privilege from which I have grown in knowledge, skills and faith."
Hye Young Kim, ETS Graduate (BTh)

Hye Young Kim, ETS Graduate (BTh)

"Before I came to Free Church College I had practical experience of missionary life through a different course but God gave me a conviction that I was now in the right place where God wanted me to be. Because of this, I really enjoyed all the courses, especially, learning the original biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew. It was a great opportunity to know God more deeply through God's word...